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Open up new business opportunities

Grow margin. Accelerate the acceptance rate and wake-up dormant credit accounts.

Multi-channel. Add more revenue streams, leveraging the Symphopay platform.  Diversify channels by acquiring where cash is still used, turning it into transactions.

Co-marketing campaigns. Co-create marketing campaigns for real-time engagement through a variety of merchant channels: counter, aisle, courier.

Turn the payment terminal into a customer touchpoint

Customer engagement at the POS is a major opportunity for building loyalty. In our experience, once marketing initiatives are integrated with payments and transaction data is accessed in real time, banks create more relevant and effective marketing campaigns, start new sales cycles or promote new products.

  • Promote credit card benefits for debit card owners
  • Integrate payments with loyalty platforms
  • Coupons for the next purchase
  • Customer acquisition for bank products

Zero time to market

Lightning-speed payment application update and regulation compliance. Payment applications, loyalty programs and mandates required by regulators as VISA/MasterCard will be released much faster and with less resources.

Accelerate merchant onboarding processes. Not having to deal with payment terminal and communication infrastructure the activation of a new merchant is done in no time.

Faster customer engagement. Lower your loyalty campaigns’ time to market to zero, pushing the latest version of your loyalty campaign through the Symphopay platform.


Value added services for your retail partner

Team up with your retail partners more successfully.

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Add flexibility to your traditional services by being able to deliver value-added services to your retail partners.

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Provide analytics to merchants, to help them manage and improve their card-processing functions and decrease their costs.

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Using the Symphopay API, you can respond faster to retailers’ requests.

Symphopay is an ingenious middleware payment solution that helps us to provide our partners with customized experiences and make the difference in the banking market.

Viorel Vasile, Alpha Bank Romania

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